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10 Tips for Better Business Management by Kathy Carrington

Why Clients Hire Me

Clients hire me because they have gone as far as they can go alone. I bring business management expertise, an analytical mind, and the creativity necessary to develop a plan unique to each business.

“Bringing Kathy on board was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I was beyond burnout with a workload that was impossible to do alone. Kathy helped me create efficient best practices, build an awesome team, and develop an effective business strategy.”
– Christine Byer

Clients hire me because they want someone who has their back and someone who brings the wisdom that only comes from years of experience.

“Kathy is the Swiss Army Knife for online business management. She’s tech savvy, strategically knowledgeable, resourceful, and understands business on a level you can rely on. “
Ali Shapiro

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘two heads are better than one’. Clients hire me because I have a proven track record for knowing how to implement ideas so they move from a mental concept to a written plan with actionable steps.

“I’ve always found Kathy’s business insight valuable and her operations knowledge to be ingenious. She is trustworthy with smart business management, growth ideas, and professional marketing expertise.”
– Dean Wilson

Clients hire me because I know how to position a business for growth. Once we get the foundational pieces in place, growth happens and I have a very happy client.

“As a result of Kathy’s guidance, my sales increased the very first year, and exploded in year 2 of working together. Because of the business strategy she put in place, my business even continued growing during the pandemic! Kathy’s role as my Online Business Manager is priceless. ”
– Christine Byer

Clients hire me because while they know an online presence is important, they’re not quite sure how to put all the pieces together in a way that produces results.

“Kathy gave us solid advice regarding Internet marketing helping us improve our online presence.”
– Lori Hollander

Clients that hire me are buried in the day to day. They know planning is important and processes need to be improved but they’re not quite sure how to make it all happen.

Kathy helped me find ways to improve the quality and efficiency of my business. She is able to handle a diverse range of responsibilities and projects in a consistent and impressive way.
– Kevin Donnellon

Clients hire me because they want a partner in business without the financial strings of an actual business partner. When you invest in your growth by hiring an online business manager, you invest in the future of your business.

“Kathy’s ability to dig in and learn my business and then implement growth strategies was amazing. The only question you’ll have is, where has she been all your life?”
– Ali Shapiro