All references are posted with permission. 

Christine Byer
Christine Byer Esthetics
Fishers, IN

“Bringing Kathy on board was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I was beyond burnout with a workload that was impossible to do alone. Kathy helped me create efficient best practices, build an awesome team, and develop an effective business strategy.

She started by improving my business processes, streamlined customer service, coordinated all the details for a website redesign, developed my social media strategy, created a profitable newsletter and tripled the size of my mailing list with a list building strategy.

Kathy helped me form and launch a second business, and an additional income stream through a paid membership club. She’s helped me build a great team and manages them as well.

As a result of Kathy’s guidance, my sales increased the very first year, and exploded in year 2 of working together. Because of the business strategy she put in place, my business even continued growing during the pandemic! Kathy’s role as my Online Business Manager is priceless. She’s been a godsend. I am beyond thankful she is a part of my business strategy.”

Ali Shapiro, MSOD, CHHC
Founder, Truce with Food, Integrative Health Coach
Pittsburgh, PA

“Talk about rock star support and you’re talking about Kathy Carrington. I have her as “Kathy the Divine” in my phone. As a member of my team, Kathy brings a level of productivity and organization that allowed my business to grow and I was no longer depleted by tasks at the end of the day. (I didn’t realize how drained I was until Kathy came into my life).

Kathy’s is the Swiss Army Knife for online business management. She’s tech savvy, strategically knowledgeable, resourceful, and understands business on a level you can rely on. Kathy’s ability to dig in and learn my business and then implement growth is amazing. The only question you’ll have is, where has she been all your life?”


Billy Vickers, President
Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI)
Corporate Office in Automotive Industry
Dublin, OH

“Kathy is the consummate professional with a work ethic second to none. Her education and experience gives her a strong understanding of business operations. I could rely on Kathy to manage projects on time and with accuracy. I found her proactive approach to supporting me extremely helpful. Her versatility and resourcefulness added value to her role. She is committed to a high level of excellence and integrity. I respect Kathy as an intelligent business woman and with absolute confidence recommend her services.”

Kevin Donnellon
Macali Communications
Public Relations in Sporting Goods Industry
Chicago, IL

“Kathy is a smart, creative, and an enterprising professional. She is organized, thorough and efficient in everything she does. Kathy helped me find ways to improve the quality and efficiency of my business. She is able to handle a diverse range of responsibilities and projects in a consistent and impressive way. I would recommend Kathy to anyone who wants support developing a business.”

R. Dean Wilson
Steamworks, LLC
Steam Boiler & Steam Engine Consultant/Trainer
Columbus, OH

“I’ve always found Kathy’s business insight valuable and her operations knowledge to be ingenious. She is trustworthy with smart business management, growth ideas, and professional marketing expertise. She was always flexible working with my unpredictable schedule. Her positive attitude is a rare find. Few can match the level of customer service she provides her clients and I haven’t found anyone with as versatile a talent base. Kathy will be one of your most valued resources.”

Bob and Lori Hollander, LCSW-C, BCD
Relationships Work
Therapists and Relationship Counselors
Owings Mills, MD

“Kathy revamped our email newsletter marketing  increasing readership. She seamlessly orchestrated working with me, a designer, a marketing consultant, and another social media expert. Because of her advanced WordPress skills and shopping cart know-how, she provided valuable feedback for our online store. Kathy gave us solid advice regarding Internet marketing helping us improve our online presence. It is my pleasure to recommend Kathy for your business management needs.”